WSJ Reports 2015 Meetings between Trump Associates and Russia

WSJ Reports 2015 Meetings between Trump Associates and Russia

In an interesting turn of events today the Wall Street Journal, a generally more politically conservative organization, reported new information that the Trump organization had  Russian involvement starting in 2015.

Before Donald J. Trump officially began his presidential campaign US Intelligence agencies had intercepted communications between the groups that apparently at the time lacked clarity. These reports were gathered by routine monitoring of Russian espionage efforts by US agencies.

Now, in light of emails released Tuesday by the president’s eldest son concerning a 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer, investigators are going back to those early reports to see if they can understand them better.

Tied with the new information provided by Donald Trump Jr in his Twitter posting and the emails he provided it appears this is providing new lines of investigation for Robert Mueller’s FBI investigation team as well as the Congressional investigations in the House and Senate relating to the Trump organization, Trump administration officials such as Jared Kushner who was named, and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.