Wiretap Scare Stories and Other Tall Tales…

Wiretap Scare Stories and Other Tall Tales…

OMG the terrorists will win if we don’t scare the world away from encryption! OMGOMGOMG!!!

So, with all the issues and fear mongering about all the sources ‘going dark’ that we’ve heard about, how encryption is making it neigh impossible for spy agencies to do catch the terrorists, and how it has hampered law enforcement already– we must be in a crisis.  What number of agency requested  wire taps helped bring a terrorist to justice? What percent?

What? Zero is it?

No – it isn’t zero.

Oh.. but it is less than a 1/4 of 1% – what a great investment return of American tax dollars.

How many requests were wire tap requests were evaluated and rejected by judges you ask. Easy – not one single request was denied.

fbiDESPITE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION claims that encryption is increasingly obstructing law enforcement investigations, the authoritative annual Wiretap Report from the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts released on Thursday found that encryption was less of a problem in 2015 than it was the year before.”

So, the pressing question then is – why is the FBI asking for more unfettered access to citizen communications and information? The Intercept has an in depth write up on the issue.