Why Big Pharma is Fighting Medical Marajuana

Why Big Pharma is Fighting Medical Marajuana

Having suffered from chronic pain for many years, and while wanting relief, I’ve been concerned with the bad track heavy opoiod use has in our country. I’ve been reading a bit about marijuana – and how it seems to be helping a number of people who suffer from similar types of pain. Of course this was largely anecdotal, and driven by groups with an agenda to make marijuana legal. So, while interested by the possibility – agendas are driven by motivations and results are often reported to meet such agendas.

The Washington post has a great story about why pharma companies are actually some of the biggest funding resources behind the anti-pot movement. It is not about public health, but really appears to be their bottom line. pills

It’s been found that 17 states with a medical-marijuana law in place by 2013, prescriptions for painkillers and other classes of drugs fell sharply compared with states that did not have comparable laws.

“The results suggest people are really using marijuana as medicine and not just using it for recreational purposes.”



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    I am currently taking a drugs and society course at San Jose State University and my professor emphasizes that political figures and moral entrepreneurs play a major role in the drug war and its policies. I was assigned to read this book titled “Drug Crazy” by Mike Gray, and the author suggests that legalizing or decriminalizing the drug marijuana might provide a way out of the war and its implications. Not only that, but he also claims through empirical evidence that cannabis might be a healthier alternative instead of pharmaceutical drugs, when it comes to treating certain diseases and conditions. It is interesting that Gray points out that President Richard Nixon (political figure) and Harry Anslinger (moral entrepreneur) found a way to supersede the tenth amendment by creating a national police force (also known as the Drug Enforcement Agency) to help tackle the issue when it came to the war on drugs. It also is important to note that Anslinger had the power to give pharmaceutical companies licenses and for the most part the freedom to develop and research about narcotics in a public or medical manner, and as result it caused an oligopoly to occur within the pharmaceutical market. Furthermore, it is interesting how much influence these drug companies have, because they can hire lobbyists to support their cause when it comes to pushing and selling their products. In some cases, these companies would often raise their prices when it comes to prescription medication and painkillers, and consequently the lower and middle class suffer from these changes. This causes them to resort to street drugs, which can possibly lead to addiction and drug overdoses. Since marijuana has a bad reputation, a majority of the people are hesitant to legalize or decriminalize the drug. I don’t necessarily advocate cannabis, but I understand that this drug and the policies that revolve around it affect many individuals within the criminal justice system. Overall, great work on writing this article David.


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