Mike Pence Receives Cumming's Letter re:Flynn

Congressman Elijah Cummings wrote both Mike Pence and Jason Chaffietz about Flynn.

“Lt. Gen. Flynn’s involvement in advising Mr. Trump on matters relating to Turkey or Russia – including attending classified briefings on those matters – could violate the Trump for America, Inc. Code of Ethical Conduct”

Sally Yates Informs White House re:Flynn

Yates informed White House Counsel Donald McGhan that what Mr. Flynn had evidently told the vice president and others about his calls (with the Russian ambassador) might make the new national security adviser vulnerable to blackmail (as it was untrue).

Spicer said McGahn immediately briefed Trump and other senior officials. Trump ordered McGahn to look into whether there was a legal issue. McGahn concluded there was none.

Trump Fires Sally Yates
Pence Claims to Have Just Heard About Yates' Warning

Despite the Trump counsel having informed the White House on Jan 26 –  Pence claims to have just found out.

Administration Official Claims Pence Misspoke or was Misled by Flynn
Trump Claims to be Unaware of Flynn Controversy

Despite having been directly informed by Yates via the White House Counsel on January 26th, the President claims to not know anything.