Perfect Response from Sheriff

Perfect Response from Sheriff

I distinctly remember while living in Guam there was an officer who just didn’t care who you were – if you broke the law he’d give you a ticket. The beauty of that is it didn’t matter if you were a senator, a judge, or the governor – he’d give them tickets. Not allowing people to abuse the positions they’ve been elected to or appointed to is very important.

If anything law enforcement and similar agents should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one.

NO ONE – especially not public servants can be allowed to be above the law.

Today Boingboing posted a perfect story –  a video that is a few years old, but it is golden.

I love when a Sheriff doesn’t let someone off just because they are a ‘brother’ in the force.  The law is the law – and this type of behavior gives me hope for mankind.  And what are people thinking – using permits and placards that aren’t issued to you is OBVIOUSLY illegal. Is it really that hard to find a parking spot just a wee bit further away?

P.S. I hope the border agent had to pay the maximum fine of $1075 – I know it’s petty, but he knew better.