PEOTUS Cabinet Choices – and Civil Rights

PEOTUS Cabinet Choices – and Civil Rights

I’ve been listening to the dialog on both sides of the aisle about the various Cabinet choices during this transition period from President Obama to President Elect Trump. I was thinking that there needs to be an easy to read grid that details:

  1. What the various cabinet roles are
  2. Who has been selected if known and when
  3. How their history informs their job assignment appropriateness
  4. What civil rights concerns they might represent based on their known history and positions
  5. What we know of any potentially concerning affiliations.

There are 16 actual Cabinet positions, 15 sub-cabinet agency leaders, and another 7 other Cabinet-level officials that make up the advisory body for the president. Many of these people also lead various agencies within the structure of Federal government as well as other non-agency leading players such as the various White House staff. There are some 4000 other jobs that will have to be staffed, but these represent the primary leadership that will be setting policy and leading these various agencies.

I will not be including who is ‘in the running’ or rumored to be up for consideration as that is another effort, but rather just those who have been selected by the President elect. Of course, each of these will still need to go through the senatorial ‘advise and consent’ phase prior to actually taking office.  But, it does show much about the nature of the Presidents future plans and inclinations that these people are being selected.

There are a few great resources for the base information such as the NPR chart for who the future Trump administration is, and of course the Wikipedia page which covers this topic as well. These don’t have the specific focus of what I’m concerned with here in this project. I’ve included the net worth for each where known because of the indicative nature of what the President elect values being represented.

I will attempt to update this with newer information as it become available.

This is a work in progress Last updated 12/10/16.


Vice Presidentus_vice_president_seal-svg

Mike Pence, Elected Nov 8, 2016


US House of Representatives – 2001 ~ 2013; Gov Indiana – 2012 ~ 2016

Religious Freedom Act (Indiana Senate Bill 101) – signed into law a bill that allows for discrimination based on personal religious feelings in a non-personal context.  Later follow up bill to limit discrimination was signed.

H.B. 1337 – Law restricting abortion providers and certain procedures. The bill banned abortion if the reason for the procedure given by the pregnant person was the fetus’ race or gender or a fetal abnormality. Also required that all fetal remains from abortions or miscarriages at any stage of pregnancy be buried or cremated.

History of deleting unfavorable comments from governors Facebook profile.

USA Today reported that Pence wanted to start a State run news service.


Voted NO on jobs protection for LGBT

Tried to remove federal funding for HIV / AIDS patients and redirect into conversion therapy


Actively opposed Syrian refugees legally in the USA from being resettled in Indiana – cut off federal funds for a local non-profit resettlement agency.

Supports building a fence between the USA and Mexico

Pence scores 92% by USBC on immigration issues – sealed border proponent

Stands to end ‘birth right citizenship’ –voted for H.R. 1868

Worth between $500,000~$1,000,000

Global Warming

“I think the science is very mixed on the subject of global warming.”

CO2 from coal burning power plants can’t be the cause of increased global temperatures because it “is a naturally occurring phenomenon in nature.”


“Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.” – Mike Pence 2000

Secretary of the Treasury75px-us-deptofthetreasury-seal-svg

Steven Mnuchin, November 30 (unconfirmed)

Political: no experience

Business: “Foreclosure King” during financial crisis.

Father also worked for Goldman Sachs.

Add Civil Rights concerns / record

Worth: $40,000,000, owns $97 million in CIT stock

Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager & Partner

No Reports


Attorney Generalseal_of_the_united_states_department_of_justice-svg

Jeff Sessions, November 18, 2016 (unconfirmed)

Political: Senator 1997 to present

5th most conservative Senator 

Denied nomination to lifetime federal bench in 1986 on racism concerns



Referred to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as “un-American” and “Communist-inspired” and that they did more harm than good by trying to force civil rights “down the throats of people.

Referred to the “Voting Rights Act” as a piece of intrusive legislation

Said in 1986 that he thought the Klan was “O.K. until I learned they smoked pot.””


Voted against Matthew Shepard Act

HRC rating of a 0%


Leading congressional opponent of illegal immigration and proponent of reducing legal immigration.

Net Worth $15,842,033  (2010)

Global Warming:

Hostile on the subject when talking with head of EPA

“There’s been “almost no increase” in temperatures over the past 19 years” – — linked disabled by FRC


Secretary of Agriculture


Secretary of Laborusdol_seal_circa_2015-svg

Andrew Puzder, December 8, 2016 (unconfirmed)

Missouri’s leading anti-abortion lawyer in the 80’s and 90’s

Accused of abuse by his first wife.

Former President and CEO of Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s, sold to Roark Capital for $1.75 Billion

Historically fought against minimum wage, and overtime for employees

Supports repeal of the ACA, and opposes paid sick leave policies

Contributed $332,000 to the Trump campaign


Backs comprehensive immigration reform

Net Worth: minums between $4-30 million based on known income between 2009~2012, profit from Carl’s Jr. sale unknown.

No data

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development70px-us-deptofhud-seal-svg

Ben Carson, December 5, 2016 (unconfirmed)


Ran for the Republican nomination in 2016

Declined Trump’s first appointment – claimed to not have enough government experience.

Stated: The United States Under President Obama Is “Very Much Like Nazi Germany”

AP History curriculum would make people ready to sign up for ISIS – Sept 29, 2014

Stated that Egyptian pyramids at Giza were for storing grain.

Doesn’t know the difference between NAMBLA (pedophiles), Bestiality and homosexuality.


“Government aid in fighting poverty “wasteful duplication” of efforts by private charities” – America the Beautiful, Ben Carson

Women’s Rights

There’s no war on women; there may be a war on women’s insides.


Thinks being gay is a choice


Ban abortion after 20 weeks

Frequent guest and contributor: Fox News

Net Worth: $10,000,000

Global Warming:



Evolution is scientific political correctness, Mr. Darwin, you Social Justice Warrior

Those who believe in evolution will have less guilt about being cannibals, should the situation arise

“Where are they? Where are the fossil remains?”

The Big Bang is a “fairy tale” and the notion of evolution was encouraged by the devil.


There are some benefits to medical marijuana. Legalizing for recreational purpose raises concern.

Secretary of Energyseal_of_the_united_states_department_of_energy-svg


Secretary of Veterans Affairsseal_of_the_u-s-_department_of_veterans_affairs-svg


Secretary of Stateseal_of_the_united_states_department_of_state-svg


Secretary of Defenseunited_states_department_of_defense_seal-svg

James “Mad Dog” Mattis, December 1, 2016 (uncomfirmed)*


Served in the US military from 1969 through 2013

Retired 4 star General

Former Commander of the United States Central Command

*Nomination will require a waiver of the National Security Act of 1947 which requires a 7 year period for retired military personnel can assum this role.

Secretary of the Interior75px-us-deptoftheinterior-seal-svg


Secretary of Commerceus-deptofcommerce-seal-svg

Wilbur Ross, November 30,2016 (unconfirmed)


Has advocated threats of steep tariffs on Chinese goods.

Wants a 15% corporate tax rate (currently 35%)


Ross spent 25 years heading Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy practice – aka King of Bankruptcy

Started private equity firm which he sold in 2006, still associated with the group.

Owner of Sago Mine where 12 miners died the year after 208 safety violations cited.

Add Civil Rights concerns / record

Net Worth – $2,500,000,000

Secretary of Health and Human Servicesus-deptofhhs-seal-svg

Tom Price,  November 29, 2016 (unconfirmed)


Outspoken opponent of the Affordable Care Act (Obama care)

100 rating by National Right to Life Center

0 rating from NARAL Pro-choice America

A – rating/grade from the NRA

Voted NO on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.


Orthopedic Surgeon


17% rating from the NAACP


Voted for 2006 US Constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage.

Voted against hate crimes legislation.

HRC Rating: 0%

Secretary of Transportation

Elaine Chao, November 29, 2016 (unconfirm73px-us-deptoftransportation-seal-svged)


Secretary of Labor for President Bush (2001-2009)

70,000 closed cases related to failure to pay minimum wage/overtime inadequately investigated.

Two major mine (Sago and Crandall Canyon) disasters with 12 miner deaths and 3 rescue workers. Chao cut more than 100 safety inspections.

Director of the Peace Corps (1991-1992)

Deputy Secretary of Transportation(1989-1991

No Record

Married to GOP Senator Mitch McConnell

Net worth: jointly between $9 and $25,000,000

Secretary of Education75px-us-deptofeducation-seal-svg

Betsy De Vos, November 23, 2016 (unconfirmed)


Appointed to board of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts by George W. Bush


Has never attended public schools

Has never sent her children through public school systems

Has fought state oversight of charter schools


Chairwoman – Windquest Group

Is a billionaire: Heiress of Amway fortune via marriage, and inherited family fortune from own family auto parts business

Donated $10,000,000 in 2016 to elect Republicans


Support of anti-LGBT extremist group and is credited as being key in funding the establishment of the Washington office

Has donated at least $875,000 to the fight against gay marriage in Michigan and support NOM

Has donated $800,000 to Focus on the Family which supports conversion therapy and opposes gay marriage

Net Worth: $5,500,000,000

Secretary of Homeland Securityseal_of_the_united_states_department_of_homeland_security-svg



Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator

Seema Verma, November 29, 2016 (Unconfirmed)


Created the Healthy Indiana Plan (High deductible HSA plan: a low income health insurance plan)

Possible conflict of interest  related to the Healthy Indiana plan

Nothing substantial

Nothing substantial

Central Intelligence Agency Director

Rep. Mike Pompeo, November 18, 2016 (Unconfirmed)


US Congressman from Kansas

Opposes regulation of greenhouse gas emissions

Voted NO on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act

Co-sponsored State Marriage Defense Act

Co-sponsored H.R. 3892 -Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015

Strong backing from the Koch brothers


Opposes same sex marriage


Anti-Muslim extremist / conspiracy theory adherent


Supports domestic surveillance and removal of all surveillance laws post Snowden revelations of various agency law breaking.

FEMA Director


Director of National Intelligence


National Security Agency Director

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Information about History
Add Civil Rights concerns / record

Federal Housing Administrator


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director


NOAA Administrator


Transportation Security Administrator


Bureau of Land Management Director


National Park Service Director


Customs and Border Protection Commissioner


National Institutes of Health Director


Food and Drugs Commissioner


Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director


Cabinet Level Officials & Staff

White House Chief of Staff75px-us-whitehouse-logo-svg

Reince Priebus, November 13, 2016

Administrator of the
Environmental Protection Agencyenvironmental_protection_agency_logo-svg

Scott Pruitt, December 7, 2016 (unconfirmed)


Helped lead the lawsuit against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and was reported to be at war with the EPA – 

Close ties with Oil and gas

Circulated Devon Energy written letters on behalf of the company as if from himself

Claimed the strike down of DOMA did not apply to Oklahoma


Fought against transgender rights as Attorney General of Oklahoma 

Anti-Gay Marriage 


Worked to restrict abortion related drug usage in Oklahoma

Global Warming:

Climate change denier

“reasonable minds can disagree about the science behind global warming, and disagree they do.” – NY Times

“Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind. ” – Pruitt

Director of the
Office of Management and Budget75px-us-officeofmanagementandbudget-seal-svg


Administrator of the
Small Business Administration


Ambassador to the United Nationsseal_of_the_united_states_department_of_state-svg

Nikki Haley, November 23, 2016

Information about History
Add Civil Rights concerns / record

United States Trade Representative75px-us-traderepresentative-seal-svg


Chairman of the
Council of Economic Advisers75px-council_of_economic_advisers


Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor

Stephen Bannon, November 13, 2016

Ran Breitbart news


Add Civil Rights concerns / record

Goldman Sachs

Climate Change

“one of his (Bannon’s) pet peeves is the great climate-change con . . . it’s going to be a core part of his administration’s political program.” James Delingpole

White House Counsel

Donald McGahn, November 25, 2016

Information about History
Add Civil Rights concerns / record

Communications Director


Press Secretary