Mass Shooting Analysis Definable Statistics

Mass Shooting Analysis Definable Statistics

A huge secret about has come to light after  a thorough evaluation of all mass shooting incidents in the USA.

One group is responsible for America’s culture of violence, and it isn’t cops, black Americans, Muslims or rednecks.

It’s Men!

As the author points out in the article in this LA Times story -“What we don’t talk about is how the greatest predictor of violence isn’t religion, occupation or race. It’s gender.” (Emphasis mine) The problem we have is with males in American culture  – some 98% of all mass shootings have been by males. And this tracks interestingly well with the statistics on the police shootings of civilians (and vice versa) as well. Male officers account for 98% of the casualties of civilians – which also needs to have taken into account they make up about 85% of law enforcement.

Female officers are more likely to work through deescalation and community building.  “Female officers are better at defusing potentially violent confrontations before those encounters turn deadly,” wrote Katherine Spillar, Women on the force also appear to be more inclined to call out their colleagues for shady behavior. We could possibly greatly impact law enforcement for the good if we had more female offices, and females in leadership in these organizations.

I think we need to have conversations regarding all these issues, but one thing we need to address from the outset is to consider how we raise males in our society, and what expectations and limitations are we placing on our boys that is causing this terrible outcome.