Jill Stein Pledges to Grant Edward Snowden a Full Pardon and…

Jill Stein Pledges to Grant Edward Snowden a Full Pardon and…

I recognize this isn’t the newest of news, yet it still resonates with me two weeks later.

Jill Stein is very much a third or fourth party candidate, and there has been quite a bit of fear mongering about her across the internet. However, on this one thing I think our government is wrong and she is correct. I think with how our media works with just two monolithic parties – it is hard for the minor parties to have a voice in our society. They shouldn’t have to align with either of the two to have a voice – Bernie an independent having to caucus with the Democrats to have a voice, nor the Libertarians having to hide under the auspice of the Republicans.

The need for our government to abide by the constitution is greater now than ever before – and much of the biggest concerns I have with this election is which person do I trust to appoint the next round of judges on the Supreme court.  Constitutionality – and the recognition that the country, the laws, the very government are supposed to be BY the people and FOR the people.  This is very much why I feel that what Edward Snowden did is actually something that should be applauded not demonized. He pointed out that the very institutions we have empowered to protect have been doing exactly NOT that.

“If we’re really going to protect American security, we also have to protect our Constitutional rights, and that includes our right to privacy.” – Jill Stein

We need stronger protections for whistle blowers. Where would we be today without deep throat? How vastly different would our country be if another intelligence agent hadn’t essentially done the same thing within the context of his era? We need vigilance now more than ever to protect the rights of the citizens of our country.