Hope for Holding Off Dementia

Hope for Holding Off Dementia

logo-v5 I know that after my grandfather died from Alzheimer’s disease – and the frightening and terrible loss of self that I saw accompanying it – I’ve been concerned EVERY SINGLE time I couldn’t remember a fact, figure, or event. Then with the lack positive outcome related to some techniques people were marketing and banking on – it comes as great relief to find that according to the findings described by the New Yorker I can possibly do something to help keep myself out of that same boat.

In all, the researchers calculated, those who completed at least some of these booster sessions were forty-eight-per-cent less likely to be diagnosed with dementia after ten years than their peers in the control group.

Possibly my favorite Podcast, This American Life, had a show in 2014 which dealt with how one family managed to face the disease. Leveraging the art of improv to help cope with the loss, and manage the frustration and difficulties that families face with a loved one who is suffering from a disease striking one of us every 60 or so seconds.

For Karen, using the tools of improv meant when her mom, Virginia, sees monkeys out the window, don’t correct her…