How Facial Recognition Works

How Facial Recognition Works

Have you ever wondered how Facebook recognizes your friends in pictures you upload and tries to get you to tag them?  What is the technology that drives this? How does face detection in a camera differ from facial recognition?

makeuptutorialThe medium had a great article with easy to understand explanations of one of the primary technologies used for facial recognition.
One of the concerns is that with this growing technology is that from cameras in stories and surveillance it is possible to identify people with great accuracy, and determine age as well as make a fairly good guess at one’s age.

Because of this and the idea of basic privacy of self after the Snowden revelations that the NSA has collected facial images of millions of people; there has been a small movement where a number of people who have gone to great lengths to figure how to combat this technology. It’s interestingly largely cosmetic – just not in the ways some would expect.