Emerging Republican Platform Goes Far to the Right

Emerging Republican Platform Goes Far to the Right

imagesRemember when the GOP actually stood for smaller government, limited spending, and wasn’t trying to define morality according a shirking segment of Christianity’s fundamental ideology?

With the new platform being defined as non-progressive by many makes me wonder what affect this move will have on the general public, and in particular the youth of our country. The various lettered generations along with Millennials are not attaching the same social stigma to what has been part and parcel of conservatism largely from Reagan to now. Despite many former leaders from the GOP advising the party to move off of losing social issues they are doubling down on issues at odds with the majority of Americans.

  • Bar military women from combat
  • Describes coal as a clean energy
  • Repeal of LGBT rights – in particular same sex marriage
  • Declaring pornography as a public health crisis

Nothing like meaningful reform that draws fair minded individuals into the party – this is nothing like it at all.

I propose that the GOP will continue to shrink. Only some 26% of the country identify with them now. Eventually even big money won’t be enough to keep them a national force.