Antifa vs XXXXX – Who are They Really?

Antifa vs XXXXX – Who are They Really?

I’ve been trying to explain to everyone who will listen –

Antifa is NOT to democrats as Alt-Right is to republicans.


This includes the self described Alt-Right, white nationalists, KKK (modern), Neonazi, White pride – all are as movements (if not every single member) are Republican identified. Party members who have an agenda within the GOP to shift the party further right, exacerbate xenophobia using white-plight and purity as justifications. They tend to also be anti-Jew, anti-lgbt, anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim in addition to the other overarching commonalities of these groups.


Specifically pertinent to the current national dialog – Antifa (anti-facist) DOES NOT identify with the democrat party. They are largely anarchists who have some left aligned values, but they are anti government control. They exist left of center, but promote violence as the method to enact their agenda. This is in direct contradiction to the ‘peace-nic’ ways of the democrats – who as a party believe in and stand for non-violent protest.

Understanding nuance is necessary to proceed to have a civil and informative discussion.

Vox posted a great interview with a specialist on antifa. Which ever side you are on politically it is important that you correctly identify who and what you are talking about. There is also some tremendous information about various ‘alt-right’ groups and antifa at the Southern Poverty Law Center – the largest group tracking hate groups and crime in the country.