Hal Peterson

halI was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. But I’ve been everywhere, man. I am a lawyer by trade, but don’t hold that against me because I teach now.

I am a Coug and all that that means. I am married and all that that means. I live in Cali and all that that means. I love talking, and hate whining, but still whine now and then. The best movie ever made, The Big Lebowski … so, the Dude abides!

I wrote a novel, which no one read, but I think they should because I like it, and think it’s good. It’s titled Better Angels, so read if you would. (I don’t know why I rhymed this section—perhaps because I could).

I love people and believe that before anything else, we are human beings, and so we should be nice to one another because that’s what human beings do. Being an asshole is not a right—perhaps a privilege, but not a right.

I believe that the secret to success can be found in the movie, Jerry McGuire and in the words of Dicky Fox who says: