What We Are

Conversation Culture is a collection of individual collaborators who share intersecting views and concerns. We are more concerned with intelligent discourse, providing thoughtful opinions, and academic leaning research and writing than we are on absolute compliance with a strict set of party line ideals. We value unity through diversity of thought more than uniformity in every degree on every issue.

We hold highly concerns of social and economic justice. Equality for all people, and focused support on any group that is or has been oppressed. We dialog about governments role in society, legal limitations, and government by and for the people.

We understand that there are people of faith who are reasonable, and people of science who are ecstatic. We provide a safe space for all who enter. We encourage honest inquiry, question and debate and work to provide a protected space for growth and thought.

No experience happens in a void, but rather is unique to every individual. And for each individual there are multiple points of intersection in race, culture, class, religion, experience, gender, sexuality, and history. We recognize and work to acknowledge these things in ourselves as we present thoughts on issues that affect the world around us.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by.